1. Do you want to see a new Lidl store on New Hey Road?

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Privacy Policy (Lidl GB Ltd)
By providing your personal data and comments to Lidl GB, you agree that we will share this data with the local planning authority as part of the planning process so they can verify the comments we receive are genuine. We may send you a follow up letter asking you to further support our proposal and contact you to update you on the progress of the application. If our application is successful, your personal data will be stored for one month after the store opening. If Lidl no longer intends to build a store in the above location, your personal data will be retained for one month following our decision not to proceed.

Tick here if you would like to receive communication or updates regarding the new store proposal via email
For more information about how your personal data will be processed, please visit our website at www.lidl.co.uk/about-us/legal-compliance-data-protection/data-protection/customer-privacy-notice
If you would like to update how Lidl communicates with you, you can contact us at any time by emailing privacy@new-stores.co.uk